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Replace Genius for Windows is a versatile professional automation application designed to modify files in the Windows operating system. It is built with such features that each line can be processed according to the rules set by you, the user. The app allows you to quickly process your data according to conditions that suit your requirements of the time.


The application allows ten extremely configurable and specialized processing functions to help you with fulfilling your needs. Not only does Replace Genius work with text files but also with documents and Spreadsheets.

To edit many files with the same presets, it doesn’t require you to repeat the procedure for every file, thanks to Batch Mode. Utility’s Store feature also provides a ‘Realtime’ preview of the commands applied to the file, before you can confirm the changes made through these commands. Additionally, you have unlimited times availability of the undo option, so that any wrong changes saved can be reverted back. Replace Genius is primarily based on technology from the popular and critically acclaimed mass file rename utility and therefore its predecessor called, Flash Renamer.


The first and foremost factor is that Replace Genius for Windows is a freeware so you don’t need to spend a single penny in order to make use of it. This software faces fierce competition from many applications like Text Mechanic, TextEvo, SWEAT, etc. It beats these applications on many fronts.

However, this victory is not absolute. For example, ‘Text Mechanic’ provides you with a suite of simple tools, which are browser based whereas Replace Genius does not provide any browser based tools. On the other side, TextEvo is an online text and data manipulation tool and thus doesn’t need to be downloaded and installed on your Windows computer like the Replace Genius.


Replace Genius for Windows is certainly a good build out there. It fills a certain need of the community when it comes to text and data manipulation tool for files. It is a fine piece of software; however, a few improvements can be made here and there like the interface could be more streamlined.



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