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While handling a lot of files together; it is sometimes necessary to rename files. Group or batch rename according to a set of rules is an essential feature that should have been implemented by Windows operating system itself; but is wasn’t. So the need of third party software to perform the task arisen. Renamer Lite is a software that helps the users rename their files in a more organized manner and with more features; very much unlike the stock Windows renaming feature. If required you can set a group of rules to arrange the files more specifically. The software offers the renaming functionality in a more organized manner than ever.


So the basic feature is only one task – renaming files. But ReNamer Lite changes the way you were always used to renaming. Upon launching the software; the user gets introduced to a user friendly and intuitive user interface that takes the user through the procedures. Everything is easy to understand and operate. To change the name of the files you can either select them individually or drag and drop them all into a specific box.

To rename a file there are plenty of features offered. For example; a specific prefix or suffix could be added to every file name which is not possible with the basic rename feature. Adding such a meta tag helps identifying specific group of files easily.

There’s another feature that lets the user delete a specific part from the file name. This could be a prefix or suffix. This could sit before or after the actual file name or could even be on a specific position. This is an advanced feature that helps you to sort different types of files in a systematic manner.

A new name format could be set. For example, put a hyphen or dash in between the words of a file name or just add a file extension. The process is a bit complicated though; and adding a wrong extension could make a little mess. Also you can do advanced modification to the characters. However, the software runs without harming your computer resources. Even with a computer having a very low amount of RAM and slower processor could accommodate this software in the running process.


Renaming software isn’t very common. People prefer doing the job using the stock option so this software is often out of any competition. However, comparing ReNamer Lite to a few others; the ReNamer Lite has the most satisfactory performance.


For renaming files with ease, this software is highly suggested.


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