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While arranging your important document files over the HDD you need to rename those, irrespective of the file type. It becomes quite hectic while dealing with several files. However, the tools like RenameMaestro come handy in terms of offering the option of upgrading any detail spontaneously for various files at a time. The application works well for Windows 2K / XP / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 8 64 bit / 2003 / 2008 platforms.


The tool’s prime interface is divided in three parts. A couple of the side panel offer the space where the preferred stuffs can be put either by drag and drop, or listing. The other one provides a preview of the way they appear with the upgraded name.

The entire set of specs and functionalities are nicely kept the way clarified above, and keep enough area for the finished parts and those have to be set. Also, the users are not confined for a single way by the user-interface. This tool provides the option of including those which are even not the part of a particular storage, and are having the similar characteristics followed ultimately.

There are many beneficial options available those all are having the distinct set of options. There is option available so that you can set equivalent name for all files. In addition, you can set the order, alter the dates, and bring many other tweaks.

For avoiding the unwanted mishaps you can have the option of setting specific parameters, or mentioning the files types those are not involved in the case. Additionally, these deeds can be kept over a file and should be brought every time you have to integrate with a specific option. It takes only 4.1 MB of system resource.


You can have other options available as well having the similar functionalities. On such is Unlocker that can be a good choice which efficiently prevents obstinate files those can’t be removed in conventional ways. IObit Unlocker can be another smart option that is made especially to deal with the files those are not getting deleted easily. You can have excellent options here like Unlock and rename, unlock and copy as well for better file arrangement.


On a whole, Rename Maestro is quite an effective tool that lets you renaming the files on a bulk for better arrangements. The application is specifically excellent for dealing with media files. You can rename about 1,000,000 files at a stretch within a very short phase of time.


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