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Remote Process Explorer is a powerful software program that allows you to monitor and control the processes on both the remote and local computers. You don’t have to install Remote Process Explorer on every machine which is to be controlled. You can manage everything that is possible with Windows Task Manager (built-in local process controller in Windows operating systems) local and remote computers.


Remote Process Explorer automatically finds the computers if you are on a same network and creates a personalized list. Once you are configured, it can help you control the processes running on those computers. You will be able to view more parameters like Process ID, CPU usage, handles, RAM memory usage, priority of the process and much more. The exciting thing about the software is that, you can change the priority of the processes manually as per your requirement. You can also start a new process or terminate the processes on a remote machine.

Remote Process Explorer shows which user has started the particular process and the system path for the executable file. You can also see the start time and end time of the processes. One appreciable feature present in the software is malware detection. If you don’t have any idea that if a running process has a malware, you don’t have to worry about it if you have Remote Process Explorer installed on your computer. This application gathers information about all the processes and looks for them individually over the internet. If it finds particular process as a malware, it will immediately report you with additional information. Using this information, you can terminate it and use the path for the executable file to remove the file from your computer. You can even shut down or restart a remote computer without having to leave your chair.

Remote Process Explorer refreshes the list of processes to keep the state of the computer updated. There is a cached list of remote PCs available to speed up the process. You don’t have to remember the IP address and the information of the remote computers you control because this application will take care of it.


Few alternatives of Remote Process Explorer are Windows Task Manager and TeamViewer. Windows Task Manager has limited functionalities as compared to Remote Process Explorer. The limitation is that you can only control the local PCs using Windows Task Manager.

The interface of Remote Process Explorer is intuitive and very easy to use. Each and every thread is labelled clearly such that, even a noob can master in it. Gaining information about processes used by different users can help network administrators a lot. With TeamViewer, you can only use the remote computers over the internet. Shutting down and restarting the remote computers will terminate TeamViewer connection. But that’s not the case in Remote Process Explorer, as it continue to work without any interruption. You can add as many numbers of remote PCs in this application.


This application saves lot of time for system administrators and network administrators. Thus, it helps them to control the processes in the remote PCs without even requiring their physical access.


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