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Remote connections are utilized by network administrators as well as home users to give assistance and operate system troubleshooting. If there are a large number of opened connections, it may cause the slowdown of PC or also the crash of the system. It is for this reason Remote Desktop Organizer has been introduced.


Remote Desktop Organizer- as its name denotes, is the application intended to help in organizing all of the remote sessions in a range of folders. As all the connections are in a single connection, it is possible to provide very quick feedback whenever any assistance is necessary. Created with just simplicity in mind, the major interface is clean as well as intuitive, showing the connection record and the ID cards on the one side whereas the remote screen is on the other pane. The application can host and exhibit several remote sessions at the same time and open each of them in a new tab, so that there would be accessibility to more than a single remote workstation all at once. Any number of folders can be created to use them for arranging the servers in various categories. For example, connections may be sorted by their site and the public or the private status.

Making a new connection is also very simple because it would provide the host or the domain name, particulars of log in, the ID card along with the port number. For every configured remote session, any item, which is automatically accessed, can be chosen. And these items can be disk drives, any printer, the serial ports as well as smart cards. The distant audio options, the size of the desktop and the colors are even customizable, whereas bitmap caching, animations of window, theme along with desktop background may be optionally triggered. The program can support the connections so as to prevent the loss of data and includes some importing options.


Remote Desktop Organizer can be compared to mRemoteNG, which is an open source program that has multi-protocol and distant connections manager. It permits one to view all of the remote connections in an easy but powerful tabbed interface. ConnectBot is another Secure Shell client. Its crucial goal is to generate a secure connection with which a shell on a distant machine can be used and transfer files. MobaXterm is an improved terminal intended for Windows through an X11 server, a SSH client and some other network tools for distant computing. Konsole is also a free terminal emulator that is an element of KDE Software Compilation.


When any PC is on multiple networks, accessing it distantly can sometime become more difficult, and it is also hard to control all those distant desktop connection networks for the computer operator, and for such issues, Remote Desktop Organizer comes as a handy solution. It is, in fact, a freeware program well suited with Windows OS. It blends ease of use with highly developed functionality, to provide an intuitive, yet a very powerful utility, which can assist in managing and organizing all the servers.


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