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Life would have been so easy if everything could be managed from a central hub, isn’t it? That’s too much to ask for but what about remote PCs being managed from a central location? That is completely possible with Remote Desktop Manager. Devolution’s excellent creation Remote Desktop Manager can help you to manage multiple PCs with different runtime environments from a central location.


Remote Desktop Manager comes with a smooth user interface which is highly recommended for professionals and network administrators. There are multiple tools, options and add-ons which can be accessed after using it for couple of times. With multiple remote connection types like Microsoft Remote Desktop, HP RGS, Citrix, Putty, etc. the users have the facility to support remote machines with varied protocols. And if they are not able to find the right tool they can get it later as an add-on. Few of the add-ons include Java Web Start, MySQL Data Source, etc. Storing credentials (login ids, passwords, etc.) is easier and safer with this application. Automatic login is also possible for a number of sessions, which includes FTP, Web Site and many more. The users can even opt to save the credentials in a local database or any other third party application like LastPass or any other, allowing secure login on the go. Having the option to choose several built-in connections, user can even manage their VPN connection with Remote Desktop Manager.

With the Quick Connect feature you can access a remote machine by just entering its name or IP address. It lets the users to customize the session types with your own templates. Get other session data in your system at ease with just a few clicks. Multiple protocols, different environments and many other features makes this application an overall package.


Not every Windows application can run on different version of Windows Operating System. But this program can be installed on multiple platforms like the latest Windows 8 64 bit and even on Windows Vista. Most of the tasks can be automated which saves a lot of time unlike similar apps in the market. The users can even group their sessions together in a particular folder which makes it easy to find them later on. There are very few apps in the market with an extensive list of add-ons. When it comes to security issues, the users can completely trust Remote Desktop Manager. Moreover they can configure the settings and personalize it. Unlike any other application, user can choose from a wide range of tools, settings and connections, and lessen work with this must have software.


An application of this genre can be judged by its versatility and performance. And based on these criteria the users simply cannot ignore this application. It can be regarded as one of the best in its category. And with the latest version available in the market you can think of nothing else.


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