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The Windows registry is actually like a book that keeps an update regarding the various functions going on in your computer. It works like a database, which has the information regarding the various software and tools on your Windows and keeps a record of every manipulation they have undergone. Registry Clean Expert is a software meant to manage this registry and sometime the Windows registry needs to be cleared of unwanted records and obsolete files which may cause troubles. They often slow down the OS and causes various types of software working problems because of the increasing unwanted load. Registry Clean Expert is the ideal solution for such issues.


Registry Clean Expert is a software which works only on the Windows registry. The primary task of this software is scanning and it first goes through all the files in the windows registry so that they can be analysed properly. This directly helps the user fix the obsolete files, which found after the scan and once the user use this software, Windows will help in keeping the balance. This all aims at running the entire PC system faster. Using this software, the users can make a backup file that will have the entire record of the present status of their system. If the entire combination of the inputs in a Windows register is considered, it actually tells about the status of windows at that situation. With the backup file, users can get back an exact system if they lose their Windows for any reason in between.

This software has a startup and an IE BHO organiser, which increases the software’s efficiency to a whole new level. This empowers to organise the startup items and IE BHO items from the windows registry quickly and more efficiently. When it comes to controlling the various programs initiated and started by the IE especially, this feature is the most effective one that allows to detect the malicious programs running and enables to delete them easily. Using this, the users can defragment their registry or make it more compact by deleting the programs. This is also useful in securing the privacy as the user can remove a particular program from the registry with the track eraser feature.


Some commonly used software to handle Windows registry are Ccleaner and Advanced system care. Ccleaner also helps you manage your software and you can uninstall them directly from this software. The users can also remove junk files and registry entries that are invalid to them. Advanced system care focuses on removing spyware or any other malicious software and helps you protect and optimize computer.


Registry Clean Expert is the ultimate software to handle Windows registry and protect private program tracks. This cleaning up of registry eases system processes and helps to get a junk less OS that works faster and the best part about is that it is supported in all the windows versions.


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