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At one time or another, every computer owner has to confront the problem of a slowing down PC for no apparent reason at all. This is a very annoying and time wasting problem that is often caused by Windows registry issues. The problem can best be solved using reliable registry cleaners such as the RegCleaner.


Registry Cleaners is basically a third party software utilities who the primary function is to clean the Windows registry of redundant items and applications. The software works on Windows operating systems only. RegCleaner helps you delete registry entries that are not part of the Windows system. It mostly helps you clean all the leftovers that remain behind after you uninstall a piece of software.

In terms of features, the RegCleaner usually comes with seven important tabs. These are the software identification tab, the startup menu, the menu for uninstalling items; file types tab, new file, a tab for shell extensions, and one for backups. Each tab had a column that shows you the name of the software, its author, age of the software, its file path, source, and extension name among others. The RegCleaner will even give you a detailed description of the software including its backups date and time. An important feature of RegCleaner is the fact that it automatically creates backups before removing registry entries. The backups are important in case Windows starts acting strangely after cleaning making it necessary to restore the uninstalled programs.
RegCleaner can also remove auto-run programs that automatically start running when you start up your computer causing unnecessary slow operations at startup. It is a great tool for removing multiple keys that could easily result in disaster. It is a handy tool for anyone plagued with registry issues. It is easy and quick to install, runs efficiently, automatically backs up any changes you make, and has a clear straightforward interface.


There are a few other software programs that work in the same way as RegCleaner but with more direct and easy to use interfaces such as Registry Repair, Comodo Registry Cleaner, and Registry Booster. However, RegCleaner outperforms most of these alternatives in terms of usability, stability, installation, and functionality. Its only downside is a cumbersome main menu but easily makes up for this with the automatic backup before any cleaning process.


The RegCleaner is actually a small program but very helpful in displaying the important data that keeps your operating system running efficiently. It ensures that your Windows registry is safe and clean from potentially harmful or program leftover items that may clog and slow down your operating system. Its straightforward interface is not as impressive as other types of software but it actually does the job of scanning and removing unwanted items from your PC.


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