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Since the growth of the multimedia industry designers and computer users have been grappling with a common issue that hampered their daily work routine. Resizing file is much easier by reducing the size of the file. Although it seems to be an easy to do task, there were hardly any good software or tools to resize a heavy file without compromising on its quality. If you fall in this category, facing such an issue, ReaCompressor will help you resolve it. ReaCompressor is an image resizing program that provides tailor-made options for users to compress their image files. It comes with a range of tools and features that any multimedia designers will yearn for from utility software.


ReaCompressor enables users to reduce specific regions of a JPG file. This gives great flexibility as users can choose which parts of an image they sacrifice in quality while retaining the high definition of the reminder. ReaCompressor supports multipage GIF/TIFF files which are largely used in multimedia applications. The software supports input files of more than 400 types that include almost all leading files format used in daily image processing. Further, for photographers and media professional the software also provides the option of inserting watermark of their logos or signature without disrupting the image quality.

ReaCompressor provides a two window display – one for the input file and the other the output file on which the changes are being made. The side by side comparison leads to better identification of the effects and aids in choosing the best output. There are options for JPEG repair which enables users to repair damaged JPEG files that do not open otherwise.


ReaCompressor offers a great deal of flexibility in selecting specific regions of an image to be compressed. Most of the image resizers like Imagefield Crop, Image Focus, Media Crop, etc. do not provide this option of reducing certain regions of an image. They compress the file as a whole reducing the size of the file. ReaCompressor options such features of reducing the file size to make it apt for uploading into social networking websites, e-mail applications, image databases, etc.


ReaSoft has created an innovative product that is needed at the end of the day. By providing software that compresses specific regions of a file, it provides great flexibility to photographers, digital artists and media experts who always face the problem of heavy media files obstructing uploading into various web applications. Being compatible with more than 400 file types, ReaCompressor can be rightly called as a universal image resizer. Cropping, resizing, adjusting aspect ratio, file compression, etc. will now be an easy task with very less complications. Any novice in computer can use this system to resize their images into desired file sizes.


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