RatioMaster.NET (formerly NRPG RatioMaster)

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Ratiomaster.Net is a tiny application which fakes downloading and uploading statistics of torrent to almost all BitTorrent trackers. RatioMaster.NET uses virtual emulator for some of most popular BitTorrent clients like BTuga, BitTornado, etc. Ratiomaster.Net can be used to boost your account ratio by faking uploads and downloads to all BitTorrent trackers.


RatioMaster.Net works in almost all BitTorrent trackers. Download links are available directly from the mirror links and website of the particular publisher. RatioMaster.Net torrent file upload services are free of cost and it includes RapidShare, MediaMax, etc. RatioMaster.Net provides a very simple graphical user interface (UI) with drag and drop support for the files. The software maintain error log file to keep track of errors. This software provides HTTP, SOCKS4 and other proxy support which can be specified along with the downloading speed value. This software automatically informs the user for the new available download. On tracker update, user defined uploading and downloading values can be specified and it supports multiple torrents running in one instance. A basic computer is all you need and there is no additional configuration required by RatioMaster.Net


RatioMaster.NET, also known by the name NRPG RatioMaster, is a small program that downloads data and that too with lightning speed for torrent. The software is designed to bypass websites that needs appropriate diet to download torrents. The program is free to download and is compatible only with the Windows operating system, and is the best application in this category.


RatioMaster.Net is the standalone application to fake the downloads and uploads, which can be used to manipulate trackers.


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