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Rapid Typing Tutor is a useful tool for improving typing speed of a user with the help of several exercises that have different skills and difficulty levels. The application helps users to increase their speed of typing through these typing speed and accuracy exercises.


Rapid Typing Tutor helps develop and improve typing skills of the users through the various typing exercises that are incorporated in the application. Users with different levels of typing skills can learn to improve their typing speed and accuracy through this software.

The application is simple to use and easy to operate even for new users who are just beginning to learn typing. Similarly, users who are proficient in typing can improve their skills further by using this program. The application is designed to facilitate efficient learning for adults as well as children. The application has full course for beginner, advanced and expert level typists. The course levels depend upon the current typing skills of the users and help them develop their skills further.

Apart from the actual computer QWERTY keyboard, the program supports various virtual keyboards that include QWERTY, Colemak, Bepo, ABNT and Dvorak among others. The program also has moving hands for virtual keyboards.

The courses include progress tracking features such as speed, accuracy, delay, characters per minute, words per minute and other features that help users determine their level of typing proficiency. The program has a colourful interface that will attract kids and help them learn faster. It can be used for individual as well as classroom training sessions. The software supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


KeyBlaze Typing Tutor Software is an application similar to Rapid Typing Tutor. The application is useful for users of all skill levels and helps improve typing speed and accuracy. The typing courses include punctuation, capitalisation, drills and various other exercises. The program also includes courses for 10 key number pad typing and displays accuracy levels while calculating words per minute.


Rapid Typing Tutor is an easy to use application that helps users to improve their typing efficiency. The program supports various levels for users with different skill sets and helps them improve their typing speed and accuracy. The application incorporates several features that are useful in developing typing skills and proficiency. The intuitive interface of the application ensures that even beginners can learn and develop their typing skills in an easy manner. The support for various physical and virtual keyboards makes this application even more efficient.


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