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Rapid PHP Editor, as the name suggests, is an editing environment for server side scripting language PHP. It also supports HTML, CSS and JavaScript as additional inclusions. Rapid PHP Editor is a paid application which is compatible with specific versions of Windows operating system.


Rapid PHP Editor is a simple application that can be used to build PHP files and provide an environment for the same. You have to install the application in order to use it. There exists an option that lets you choose from the main file type (PHP, CSS, HTML). You also have the ability to choose the interface with which you are going to work.

The search option included with the interface allows you to quickly choose your files and edit them with ease. It also supports access to JavaScript files so that you need not use another application solely for executing JS formats.

While editing your files, you can add links, images, forms, tables, headings, time stamps and special characters. You can add style formats, themes and example codes by choosing from a list of already available examples easily.

It also lets you add PHP tags, blocks and edit them to form your output. Rapid PHP editor also includes important validations from W3C that lets you follow the worldwide accepted consortium. You can also check for spelling mistakes with the included option in Rapid PHP. It includes clear help files that provide clear information related to each option.


Rapid PHP Editor faces tough competition from similar sources available that perform almost the same functions as the Rapid PHP Editor does. There exist other important application software like NotePad++, Eclipse, NetBeans and Phpstorm. Notepad++ is a useful application that supports almost all types of scripting languages. Also, it is a free source available over the internet. Eclipse and NetBeans are similar applications that support Java Programming too. PHPStrom is exclusively useful for PHP scripting programs and does not include wide range applications.


It is a very small application for its size (i.e. 26 MB) and uses very less processing speed. It provides output at top speed. Since it is a paid application, its trial version includes minimal drawbacks.

There have been no bugs reported for the application and there have been no reports of the computer shutting down abruptly when the application was running. It is a fast developing application favoured by web developers and learners alike.


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