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Quick Restore Maker is a freeware software tool with which you can easily specify a quick restore point with minimal efforts from your side. If you are installing a new component and are unsure of how it might turn out, you can use this software for getting a restore point on your PC. This simple tool is available for selected versions of Windows operating systems namely, Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit) and Windows 8.


Quick Restore Maker is an easy access software tool with a user-friendly interface. It is a very useful software tool that helps you to get back to a certain point when your computer stops functioning because of a malware or the attack of a virus. It is not required that you install this on your PC permanently but it can be accessed remotely even if it is stored on a removable disk.

Users have the facility to select which point your restoration must take place which is also an added advantage. Even amateur users find it easy to use as the process involves a single click-response function. The interface comes with a single window where you will find all the options which you are required to choose from, i.e., the time and date to which the system should restore in case of a sudden crash. There are no recorded disadvantages or faults arising with this tool but the access is limited to particular versions of Windows OS only.


Quick Restore Manager is a one of its kind software tool with little competition from other software tools on the Internet. There exist other software tools like the System Restore Manager, ERunt and Single Click Restore Point. ERunt or Emergency Recovery Utility NT is an easy-to-work-with tool that backs up only your registries on your PC. On the other hand, Single Click Restore Point works the same as Quick Restore Manager but with a different interface.


This software occupies very little space on your hard disk and does not influence the speed of your processor as well. Being a freeware software tool, this application gains wide range acceptance among all the users. When your system suddenly crashes for an unknown reason, this application can start directly at booting time and help you to restore everything quickly. The next time you are worried about such mishaps, think of this! It is the perfect application of its category.


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