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One of the important problem user faces during interaction with foreign peoples is in understanding their language and same faced by people going out of their country. An application, which sorts out this problem of translating languages will be helpful. Keeping that in mind the developers designed QTranslate which provides user proper support to know about any word in any language with the help of several services like Google Translate, Prompt and Microsoft Translator. It comes in a simple and easy to operate interface with several useful features which make this application important.


Having an application which can easily translate the words into the language user wants or understands then it is advantageous. QTranslate is that useful application which make user comfortable in translating word from different language to the preferred language. The application enables user to translate any word in any language. The only thing user has to do is to type the word on the upper part of the application, select the preferred language in which the user want the translation to be executed and click on the search option. The application detects the language automatically and translates the word into the specified language user want. Also, the application provides suggestion of several services by which user want the translation to be completed. These services are Google Translator, Prompt, Microsoft Translator, Yandex and Babylon. Another important feature of this application is that it provides various shortcut keys by which user can translate any word given in any other program.

QTranslate has an inbuilt dictionary by which user can search meaning of any word. Some other useful features coming with this application are spell checker to check correct spelling or meaning of a word, virtual keyboard for typing any word directly from the application. User can customize the application according to their needs i.e. justifying shortcut keys, auto detect mode which automatically detects the languages whenever a word is placed in the search bar, etc. All record of the searched words is maintained by the application so that user can extract it any time. The application comes in a user friendly interface so that any user can operate it without any fatigue. Also it does not affect system performance so that other application can be used in parallel.


Some other application having same operating mechanism like that of QTranslate are WMPL Multilingual CMS, MultiSite Language Switcher. Crystal clear interface, customization wizard and simple operating mechanism are some qualities which make QTranslate a useful application in comparison to the alternatives. Some of the helpful features are auto detect, virtual keyboard and spell checker. Also, application has a specific dictionary for providing suggestions time to time.


QTranslate is a helpful light weighted application that gives user the facility of translating any word in the preferred language. It is a fully loaded application having various useful features for the user which make it an important and must have application. Also it does not affect user’s system performance so that user can operate several other applications in parallel.


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