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QText is a note management application that instantly saves the information on user’s computer by taking simple notes. It is the simplest form of application of its own kind, as it resembles more or less similar to that of a WordPad or notepad. However, it is provoked at the system’s startup and remains in the tray. Besides this, there are a number of other functions that make this application stand among very popular application of its kind.


QText is a lightweight note management utility application that allows its users to readily take notes of all the important information they come across. Using this application users can take notes instantly and can also access the same at the fingertips. QText is a very lightweight application, takes up around 600 KB’s when downloaded and 4 to 5 MB’s when installed. Installing this application is very easy and installs in few seconds. The interface of the application is very simple and resembles to that of a notepad, this might sometimes look a bit dull although the same will be helpful in case of reducing CPU usage and increasing performance of the system.

As soon as the QTextis installed onto user’s computer, it seamlessly integrates itself to the operating system environment and registers itself as a background service. It automatically sets itself to the startup. To access it, users can provoke it from using its tray icon, by just double clicking it. The process becomes rather simple by using the shortcut “alt+shift+q”. To make a note, users need to create a new file and the text input will be available. The application works actively and saves on all the updates made on the file, irrespective of the user’s intention of manually saving the note. There is a tab option using which simultaneously multiple notes can be managed. The USP of this application lies in its ability of decorating the text, i.e. users can change color, font family, font size etc. Also, some basic text decoration styles like underline, strike through, bold and italic can also be applied.


A note management application allows its users to instantly save useful information on their computer. One such application is QText, and there are a number of other application too that does the same task of note management. Some of such apps are Evernote, One Note, etc. When QText is compared with all of such other applications, it somewhat lags in providing the intuitive interface. The application includes all of the basic function that an app of such a kind possess, although other apps provides functions a way beyond that. Some missing functions were cloud synchronization, adding images, advanced RTF formatting including bulleting and numbering, etc.


QText resides in the category of note management applications. There are some very popular apps in the category such as Evernote, which tops amongst all and One Note which is developed by Microsoft and is quite popular as well. QText when compared to such apps is found to have missing advanced functions, which would be quite important as depending on the usage of the user. Overall, QText is a comprehensive note management application that would be perfect for home users and beginners although for professionals it might not be a specific solution.


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