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A QR Code is a two dimensional bar code which allows decoding its contents at high speed. These QR codes are used in commercial tracking applications and convenience oriented applications for mobile phone users. QRGen is a simple application which helps to generate QR codes. This code can be saved as GIF, PNG, JPG or BMP image. It uses the Google Chart API. QR code can be generated with much ease by simply typing in the URL, then chose a size and error correction level and finally click a button to generate the code. An image containing the QR code can be decoded by clicking in the correct tab that will show the image.


QRGen is a tool that enables to generate a QR code on lots of elements like website address, e-mail, custom text, contact (uses name, address, title, organization, telephone, mail, etc.), a Blackberry Messenger PIN, SMS (phone number and actual message), phone number and even Wi-Fi information.

The QR code generated can be made of high quality by adjusting the margins and the pixel size. The QR code can be previewed before the actual formulation of code and image size can be confirmed beforehand. Thus, the image is stored to the custom location in the hard drive as a PNG or BMP picture. No help contents are available but the software is so easy to use that it is not needed actually.

QRGen does not need to be installed as it is portable. So as the new entries are added, the Windows registry and Start menu/screen will be updated. Also, after the removal of the application from the drive, no leftovers are there. QRGen can be taken anywhere by placing the program files to an external data service such as pen drive. It means QR codes can be generated even when you are offline.


Software which can be compared with QRGen are QR Code Studio, QR Code Generator, Easy QR Code Toolbar and Barcode Generator. QR Code Studio is used to create and design QR codes. QR Code Generator is a tool that helps to create QR Code image which is displayed in the screen of the mobile. Easy QR Code Toolbar helps to create common QR codes and barcodes. Barcode Generator is the app which is used to generate barcodes or QR codes. The QRGen is the best tool to generate QR codes.


QRGen is useful and efficient software for those who want to generate QR codes and is free of cost. The requirement of resources in doing so is very less which means there is no effect to the performance of the system. Even beginners can use as it having simple interface to use.


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