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Continuous defragmentation is never recommended for your disks as these involve the possibility of making them uncluttered. Eventually, it may lead towards bad performance while dealing with the comparatively greater troublesome in future. There are enough tools available in market for the purpose. However, Puran Defrag has certainly created interest among people because of its smooth operation.


  • Unique Approach – The best part with it is that it can handle the defragmentation job in the background. Apart from this, it is efficient enough in dealing with the boot zone of your system for faster processing. This is the reason that Puran Defrag has been a favourite for the developers. The software is capable of defragmenting specific files in accordance with the user.
  • User Friendly – It is smart software that is really easy to handle and processing. While dealing with Puran the initial noticing point is the defragmentation cluster map field. However, the latest versions for some of the specific operating system were found to be missing this excellent feature. After pointing the issue, this has been again made available with the package. The thorough guidelines make Puran Defrag one of the efficient and comprehensive products.
  •  PIOZR – Among various trending feature with PURAN, PIOZR certainly is distinguishing with its utility to make your system faster. It works basically with a concept that the frequently used niche should be arranged in a proper manner at the handy locations of your system. In a same way it deals with your system hard disk as well. According to the analysts, the placing of mostly taken part files in a proper way at the quick responding zones of the disk is the key behind provoking the overall performance of the system.
  • Performance boost by optimizing the Free Space – The part of your system that is dealt pretty often is certainly the directories. Being smart you can put these in comparatively efficient zones of the disk for better performance using the Puran. However, you have to select this specific option for the facility.
  • Fastening the System Speed – Revamping by making free spaces in use certainly makes some place available on the comparatively smarter zones of the disk those can be applied by Windows for making its provisional files. It hikes the performance of your system and its speed.
  • Spontaneous Defragmentation – The Puran Defragmentation applies mostly a couple of kinds of defragmentation. One is simple Automatic that provides you with the option of defragmenting within certain time intervals at your wish. The other one, the Automatic Boot Time Defragmentation does the defragmentation work even with more flexible options in comparison to the earlier.


There are many other options available in market like Piriform Defraggler, Disk Defrag, etc. But, Puran is highly recommended pick because of its smooth operation and lot user friendly features. Its unique operating way enhances the overall performance of the system.


This is certainly the best options to deal with disk space than anything else with its unique approach.


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