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Over the past few years, DNS servers have been available for public usage. The DNS servers can be used to create a secure network. But, modifying the DNS server in Windows operating system is not an easy task. Public DNS Server Tool makes it easy for any type of user to modify the DNS settings of the network card in few steps.


Public DNS Server Tool is a user-friendly software which can be downloaded and used without any installation. This program can be used to quickly switch between the DNS servers which are already pre-loaded. The preset DNS servers available in this software are Google Public DNS, OpenDNS FamilyShield, OpenDNS, Norton ConnectSafe A, Norton ConnectSafe B, Norton ConnectSafe C, Comodo Secure, and DNS Advantage.

This program is completely portable as it requires no installation. It can be copied to an external drive and used on any computer. Thus, no registry entries are made or modified and it is completely secure. An exclusive feature to backup and restore the DNS server settings is a unique one. Before changing the DNS server settings, the user can backup the old settings. The backup file is stored in a registry script format (.REG) and the name of the backup file is provided automatically by the program which includes the date and time stamps. The old DNS settings can be restored by opening the backup file directly or restoring it from the application. Custom DNS servers can be added to the application by adding the addresses in the setup file. The user can select the corresponding network card and select any one of the public DNS servers available. This program provides faster internet access and adds additional security features.


Some alternatives of Public DNS Server Tool are Windows DNS Changer, DNS Jumper, ChrisPC DNS Switch, Quick Set DNS, and NetSetMan. Windows DNS Changer has only few DNS presets available as compared to Public DNS Server Tool. DNS Jumper provides advanced features such as IPv6 control and fastest DNS server selection, etc. But, the interface of DNS Jumper is poor and complex. ChrisPC DNS Switch and NetSetMan are comprehensive tools which offer customizable DNS switching, but, working with these programs is complex and it is not easy for a basic user to understand the interface. Quick Set DNS is also an easy to use program and the working is similar to Public DNS Server Tool.


People, who wish to secure their network and block particular malware or unknown sites, can go for this application as it consumes low memory and saves the time rather than changing every DNS setting manually.


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