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PromptPal is an application that is used as a replacement app for command prompt and power shell console. Since these tools are not very user friendly, PromptPal is designed in a very user friendly manner, but still follows the native process of routing through the Microsoft command processes.


PromptPal is a configurable tool. It has various options such as drag and drop features and also command history. One of the key features of this tool includes the option of opening multiple command prompt windows at a time. This helps the user to run multiple tasks simultaneously. This option is given as a tabbed structure for the main window of the tool. Each new tab can be used to run new command. This helps to reduce the clutter of opening many windows on the task bar and hence, it is easier to open other applications as well.

The tool also has the advantage of opening the administrative command prompt as well. The command assistance is another key feature, which prompts the user with the commands available in a small window. As the user begins to type the commands, lists of existing commands that match the type are displayed. The pop-up window with this list also has the commands that were used recently. Hence, if we want to re-use any command that was used previously, it could be selected from the pop-up.

PromptPal also provides an option to customize the list of commands. This list has all the commands that are stored in the database of the tool. By double clicking on any of these commands, there is an edit option displayed. With the help of this the user can modify the existing commands. Another important feature is the drag and drop option. With the help of this feature, the user can drag and drop any text from other applications into PromptPal and vice versa. Also, the option of inserting directory path and file path in the command is also included. This can be done by clicking the ‘Insert folder path’ and ‘Insert file path’ buttons, which are available on the tool bar. Once any command is executed, the result is obtained. If the user wants to save the result, the ‘save text’ option from file menu can be selected. With the help of this option an output can be saved in the local directory. An alternative to implement the save result function is done by using a shortcut key Ctrl + S.


Many tools such as PowerShell, ColorConsole and PowerCmd are available in the market. However, PromptPal is very user friendly as compared to these tools with exclusive features such as, auto completion of commands and drag and drop, which are not available as a part of other tools.


Working with command prompt can be a tedious task until the application is user friendly. With the wide range of options available with PromptPal, working with command prompt is hassle free and very user friendly.


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