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Product keys of the installed software on a PC are often required later. For some verification on licensed software or for something else could be the reason. No matter why, finding a product key is not so easy without the assistance of a dedicated product key viewer software. ProduKey is a highly functional product key viewer that works flawlessly and brings out the product key entered during the software installation within moments. There is nothing complex about this software; it just instantly shows the serial numbers and product keys you are looking for. This software is very useful after a Windows re-installation. Keep it handy before you plan to re-setup your computer.


ProduKey has the ability to find out product keys of all major operating software. Even though operating system serials are usually written on the box or stored someplace else; but you could lose them. To retrieve the product keys later, just install ProduKey on your computer. ProduKey supports Windows 2000 and onwards. Keys for other Microsoft products like different versions of Office, SQL Server, etc. are also possible to retrieve.

Upon first time installation, ProduKey will run a scan on the installed software in your PC and find out every product key and store them in the memory. The download size for ProduKey installer is very small. It will not take much time to download or install. ProduKey interface is user friendly. The software can find out keys for both x86 and x64 architecture. Multiple sources will be deployed to list the product key of any software installed in the computer. The whole process will take only a few blinks of eyes.

The basic user interface contains all necessary details of the installed software. The fields are product name, ID, the product key for that software, the installation location, number of service pack (if applicable) and computer name as well. ProduKey stores the date of installation as well.

To keep backups of the product keys, you can export the keys to an HTML file which could later be accessed using internet browsers. Also, it is possible to just copy them without using the export operation.


There isn’t much software like ProduKey in the market. The product key retrievers usually found in internet are mostly built by newbie developers without much care. ProduKey provides a professional look which most users would like and this one offers better functionalities as well.


For a decent product key retriever, ProduKey is one of the best ones. It works very fast and finds out the key for almost all software installed. The accuracy rate is very high as well.


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