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Process Hacker is a multi-purpose and powerful tool that monitors the system resources and helps in detecting malware. The user can view the list of active programs with network connections. The tool also displays real time information about disk access. The procedure for setting up is very simple and it does not utilize the system registry to store any settings.


The main feature of this tool includes a customizable view with tree structure. The tree view has a prominent display that shows all the processes that are running on the computer. A detailed performance graph is the highlight of this process hacker. It gives a complete list of services and full control over them. The start, stop, resume, pause, and options like delete are also available. Ample information for all running process, which includes full process history, based on performance; thread details, etc. with the help of symbols token information can be accessed. Apart from these modules and file mapping information, virtual memory map and environment variable information are also displayed. Process Hacker provides a complete control over all procedures running on the system, which also includes processes that are protected by security software. Processes, which are hidden, are detected and terminated. It uses the simple root kits such as FU and hacker defender to detect the process. The Main Language used in process hacker is C#. Process hacker internally, loads a driver that searches memory for an internal Microsoft kernel function and calls it.

The user interface comprises of a window displaying a list of processes running on the system. Clicking on any process, additional information will be displayed. In order to view other services or network connections, the user can navigate through the tabs. The tool also displays all the driver service details. The user can manually switch off this option by selecting the ‘hide driver services’.

Apart from these features, this tool also has copy option, by which the user can copy all data by shortcut key Ctrl+C. All features are customizable and can be redistributed. It displays the symbolic access masks in a legible manner like read, write, etc. Process Hacker includes various options that can be helpful to end processes, edit memory addresses and create new services. Additionally, it also comes with a generous number of plugging that was created by the developers for the purposes like monitoring network activity, handling processes related to the sandbox, etc.


DBC Taskman and Process Lasso are few other tools that are comparable to Process Hacker. There are a few shortcomings in these tools such as portability and bugs with task killing. Hence, Process Hacker is a smart tool that provides a detail device information with user-friendly interface.


Process Hacker allows the users to shut down the processes that other applications rely on. The default Task Manager provides the user just the basic information, but Process Hacker goes well beyond this, while still keeping the interface clean and usable.


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