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Computer getting slow is a very common complaint from many users and PrivaZer was made with an objective to solve this problem. PrivaZer is basically an optimizer to keep your PC fast and up to date. A computer that runs in full speed pulling the most of its resources is an asset! Nobody loves using a computer that’s sluggish and makes the user wait very long to get their desired tasks done. PrivaZer does necessary tweaks to your system to boost up the speed. The user interface is very simple and there isn’t any complicated stack of buttons and options. A quite simple UI will guide you through every process and features, and the layout is very productive.


Deleting useless files is the initial task this software does. Just not deleting files but deleting them wisely and usefully. Deleting files could also paralyze your computer by when a utility like PrivaZer is used, there is practically no risk.

The program will scan for all idle, never been used and useless files. This is a thorough scan which takes a bit of time depending upon the size of files. Once the scanning is done, it sorts out the file to be deleted. These files include junk files, temporary files, internet browsing histories or any other files stored by everyday usage. Every activity will be deleted to speed up the computer.

The files that PrivaZer scans and deletes are from various different storage locations. For instance, browser cookie is a very popular source of storing junk files. These files just stay in user’s computer, and most of them are never required again but occupies hard drive storage and slows down the system. There are plenty of invalid shortcuts in desktop and start menu, which, PrivaZer will track it down if there’s any and delete it.

The latest version of PrivaZer allows secured file deletion on both NTFS and FAT partitions. This enables a wide variety of drives to be scanned since most hard drives are still using these two formats. PrivaZer deletes invalid directories as well. This is done through cleaning up the computer registry so these invalid addresses will no longer exist. Doing so deletes the shortcuts with no valid address. Since there are less clutter of files after a depth scan, so the PC will run faster.


Defragmenter and Scandisk are two stock programs and come with Windows. They organize files but don’t really clean the hard drive from unnecessary files.  But this software, PrivaZer does the right job. There are plenty of PC tuning software that do the same job as PrivaZer, but not all of them have user-friendly interface.


PrivaZer is a program that you should have in your system for maintenance, especially if you are one with minimal expertise in operating a computer.


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