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Videos are a ubiquitous part of modern digital life. However, various media playback devices support various formats and those may not be the same. Thus, one is required to convert videos from one format to another. There are many software available for the purpose but come with loads of limitations or are just plain spyware. Prism Video File Converter is a shareware, which is free and caters to all your conversion needs and supports a wide variety of formats.


Prism supports conversion to/from the following formats –VOB, ASF, AVI, MPG, WMV and FLV. In addition, it can convert any codec file based on DirectShow to WMV and AVI. The user interface is functionality driven and features a grid view with common options like Add Folder, Add DVD, Remove, etc. The Video options present let us tweak the frame size, frame rate and other parameters of the video. Below the main options, one can set up the output folders and converted filenames. AVI encoder setting can be tweaked too while converting. The Effects suite lets you tweak the brightness, contrast and gamma along with adding various filters available. Prism Video File Converter has further ability to write directly to DVDs and create a compilation for your later use and you can also convert from DVDs as well. The software is available for both Windows and Mac as well. Batch conversion is available which helps you to convert multiple files with the options all at once – a great convenience.


Video converter software is a saturated market and is full of such software. However, most of them provide it for a hefty price and is usually accompanied by add supported from trial software. However, Prism Video File Converter player is a shareware, which will let you convert to AVI, and WMV for free. The software also provides pro-grade tools that are un-matched by rivals. Some other software, which is available, is HandBrake, which is open source software but lacks the pro grade tools. FFMpeg also exists for various platforms but is command line based and hard to master with numerous arcane options and parameters.


Prism Video File Converter can inter operate between a large number of formats providing you with loads of option. The interface and tools are pro-grade without any compromise. Further, batch conversion is available which sets it apart from the rest of the pack. Effects filter and various video parameters can be tweaked easily. Further one can very easily create DVD compilations or convert from DVD to their desired format.


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