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PriPrinter is a simple software tool that allows the previewing of print documents and also offers a wide range of options to edit the same. When you come across a situation where you have to modify the view of the document that is going to be printed, this is the best tool that you can make use of. PriPrinter is available for all versions of Windows OS including Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2008, Windows 7 and 8 (32/64bit).


PriPrinter is an ultrafast tool that can easily be accessed by just selecting the ‘PriPrinter’ option after clicking on the normal ‘print’ button on opening a document. You can also add documents directly onto the software with the ‘add files’ option present in the main window.

With the help of PriPrinter, you can edit the look of your documents in many ways where the options include resizing the page layout, addition of borders, adding a watermark of your choice and removing margins. The next level of editing effects includes colouring of the page, gray scale options and removing graphics. In addition to all these editing options, you also have the option to produce PDF files as the final output with an added option of resizing the output document.

PriPrinter also has an extra effect of arranging the page-view in a horizontal mode which consequently results in the supreme ease of accessing Microsoft Excel documents. PriPrinter is well suitable for all users including amateur computer enthusiasts as it comes with minimal faults while operating.


PriPrinter faces a mediocre range of competition from other software sources like GreenCloud Printer, GreenPrint, FinePrint and iPrint. GreenCloud Printer works almost the same way as PriPrinter. It has a user-friendly interface and the same options with an efficient use of paper and ink as an added advantage.

The next similar software is GreenPrint where you can always reduce the number of pages by allocating less space yet achieving good look on the whole. Though there are quite a number of software tools with similar functions, PriPrinter is highly recommended due to ease of use.


PriPrinter 6 is a paid software tool and occupies very little space on your hard disk. There have been no reports of the system malfunctioning while the software runs, and the process speed is one feature to look out for. The next time you want to edit documents and print them in a single go, priPrinter is the perfect software tool for you.


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