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PretonSaver Home is an application which is designed to optimize the printing use of the toner and the ink of the printer. The application helps to reduce the consumption of ink and toner to up to 70 percent, making the cartridge run for long and hence helping to save its monetary aspect as well.


Often replacing or buying a cartridge for the printer can be very expensive. The key is to use minimal ink so that the cartridge can run for longer. PretonSaver Home just does the same for all those who use printers on a regular basis.

The main idea behind its creation is to lower the consumption of ink and toner to at least 70 percent and to prolong the use of cartridge. The application detects and identifies pixels which not be contributing in the high quality printing and deletes the same. Thus reducing the overall consumption of the ink and increasing its efficient use. PretonSaver Home uses a certain kind of algorithm to find these unwanted pixels. The result is a good and reasonable quality of print. The PretonSaver Home can be easily downloaded and installed in the PC. It will automatically scan and detect any connected printers and instruct on different saving patterns for less consumption of ink. It works for laser printer and ink jet printer as well.

With this application one can easily set different saving levels for printing like if the user wishes to omit the pictures, graphs or any other kind of element which is not necessary, the PretonSaver Home will instruct the printer to print accordingly thus saving down on cartridge ink. Apart from this, it also gives an analysis on how much ink is saved in terms of cost and utility aspects as well.


FinePrint and Ink Saver are another two apps which have the similar type of working which helps to reduce the ink and paper consumption. However, when compared to the saving rate is only 30-40 percent as against 70 percent committed by PretonSaver Home. This shows that PretonSaver Home is more useful when it comes to saving ink consumption for the cartridges and invariably reducing its cost.


The main aim of the PretonSaver Home is to reduces the money spent on ink cartridges as these are very expensive. It is useful especially where printing of documents take place on a regular basis, such as small scale offices, home, schools and many other. It can be beneficial more on the financial aspect as it lowers the cartridge expenses considerably. Moreover, the app seems to be user friendly as well and can be used even by non technical user.


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