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Many-a-times, there is a need to set particular hours when you want your system to perform in a specific manner as such. It is not possible for any ordinary user to use such advanced features which are already available in the Windows operating systems. For such tasks, PowerOff software is an excellent and easy to use software available to users for absolutely free of cost. Scheduling tasks proves to be a child’s work with this new software.


The main striking feature of this software is its exceedingly simple interface. All tasks can be scheduled with the utmost level of ease by using this software. Shut down, restart, hibernate- you can schedule all these works with the exact precision that you want and all with the use of this software. All your required settings and customizations can be easily saved in this software and packaged as a service which you can use anytime that you may want.


Switch Off and Auto Shutdown are among some other software which are capable of doing the same tasks as PowerOff software does. If you want to time the various tasks for your PC, then using this software is a good and hassle-free approach so to speak. There is not much of a difference between Switch Off, Auto Shut Down and PowerOff as all three are for pretty basic uses, and are available free of cost for the users also. The slight advantage that PowerOff enjoys over the others is that there are a few more options for some tasks rather than the simple shut down and restart. Additionally, PowerOff is more customizable as a program and therefore, offers more features than the others.


PowerOff is a good, easy to use, simple and neat looking software that you may want to download for scheduling your PC operations. It is available for absolutely free of cost, and offers a very organized interface as well.


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