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Power Screensaver Builder is a screen saver maker software enables making of screensavers in an easy manner. It allows making image slide shows, video and flash animation screen savers.


Power Screen Saver Builder enables a user to make their own screensaver in a quick and easy manner. It incorporates an easy to use navigation interface which provides a step by step guidance for making screen savers. It enables a user to make screen savers in the form of image slide show, flash animation and videos. It supports 27 most popular media formats which include JPG, BMP, GIF, AVI, SWF, MPEG, MP3 and other popular formats. It allows addition of sound and music files to be added to the screen saver and supports more than 160 transactions between images in image slide shows.

Power Screen Saver Builder allows incorporating various images, gradient and solid colours as the background for a screen saver’s video background. Merging of various media formats viz. images, videos and flash files is possible with this software. The current version was released on January 2014 and operates on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP service pack 1 and above.


Similar to this software is the Ultra Screen Saver Maker. It’s an easy to use screen saver maker software which uses the intuitive interface. It incorporates images, sounds, videos, flash files and text while making a screen saver. It even supports addition of websites in the screen saver. The user has to type the website URL or the keywords and corresponding images and website appear in the screen saver. It however, does not have an editing timeline. It supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Axialis Screensaver Producer is another software for making screensavers. This software enables making of screensavers using images, animation and videos and ‘Sprites’, which are the animated objects bouncing on the screen. It supports image transparency. It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Power Screen Saver Builder is a good software with multiple utilities to build a well-designed screen saver with a collage of different images, music, sounds, videos and flash animation. It supports merging of different media formats and supports most of the popular media types. A good tool to design screen savers in an easy and simple way and in a short time. It is good for home and professional use.


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