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Over the years, database systems have grown considerably after the viable disadvantages found in simple file systems. Relational databases basically are databases about the tables and their relations. PostgreSQL for Windows is an open source relational database system that has been revised and continuously studied for more than 15 years now. It is known for its class in providing exceptional integrity, correctness and reliability of data. The management system is mainly compatible for all the popular platforms, including LINUX, UNIX, MAC OS and WINDOWS.


The first and foremost characteristic that anyone would look for in a database system is the ACID properties that is, Atomicity, Concurrency, Integrity and Durability. PostgreSQL is compatible with ACID, which also supports other management modules including triggers, sets, joins, distinct keys, procedures and joins. The software supports the data types similar to that of SQL’s 2008 version. PostgreSQL scores extra points for ability to store large amounts of binary data, and media such as pictures, videos and audios. The maximum size attainable in PostgreSQL has no limit, though a single table in the software can be as big as 32 TB. Subsequently, maximum size of a row can be 1.6 TB, and maximum field size can go up to 1 GB. Data integrity is maintained in PostgreSQL with peculiar features like foreign keys, cascading multiple operations of update or delete and applying different constraints to the data. The enterprise edition of PostgreSQL provides in depth facilities, boasting some extravagant modules like asynchronous replication, online backing up of data, Multi Version Concurrency Control and a query optimizer. The software is equipped to store and support international character sets, Unicode and formatting. Some of the high level features are table inheritance, event systems and rule systems.


Database management systems have had great advancements in past few years and many similar types of management systems have emerged. Some systems, like SQLite have been widely used for its releasing company and reputation they already own. Software like PostgreSQL have a better user friendly interface and more modules for better user experience. The software sports multiple advanced features to facilitate urgent or out of the box needs. Database systems perform same functions and their distinguishing can only be done by little functionalities they possess.


PostgreSQL is one the best relational database systems available in the internet world today. With competitors like SQLite always competing by the edge, PostgreSQL still makes a mark with some tremendous advance features like write ahead logging (for fault tolerance) and nested transaction. There is no doubt that PostgreSQL can serve a wonderful assistant as a relational database manager for a neutral user too.


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