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POP Peeper is a utility application which displays notifications of the mails received by a user. The application runs in the system tray and supports unlimited number of POP3 servers, IMAP servers and web mail services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and other email service providers.


POP Peeper is a useful email notification application which supports unlimited number of email accounts. The email types supported by the program include IMAP and POP3 servers and web mail services which include Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! among others.

The application runs in the system tray and displays visual as well as audible notifications whenever a mail is received. The header of the messages is previewed and users can either click on the header to view the message or choose to view it later. The attachments are also supported by the software and users can view the file names. Users can configure as many email accounts as they want and can assign specific colours to these accounts. Assigning specific colours make it easier to identify the messages and the accounts in which these have been received. The application supports HTML messages and the previewing messages is quick and efficient which allows identifying the messages which are important and therefore users can prioritize which messages to view. Using this application, users can also choose to delete messages without having to open these messages. This enables deleting spam and junk messages in a quick manner.

The program supports installation of additional plugins, which enable configuring SendMail and SSL connections. The program has a simple interface and is easy to use. Users can easily manage several email accounts using these applications and they have the option to specify whether they want to run the application at Windows Startup or to open it manually later. The application is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


CheckMail is an application similar to POP Peeper. CheckMail notifies users whenever a mail is received in their POP3 accounts. Users can either click on the notifications and read the messages or directly delete the messages without having to read them. Similarly, they can choose to view the messages at a later time. The program runs in the background and displays notifications whenever a mail is received. It uses low system resources and therefore does not affect the system adversely.


POP Peeper is an efficient application which immediately notifies the users of the mails received in their email accounts. The application supports IMAP and POP3 servers along with most of the web mail applications. The program displays notifications to the users and it allows them to either view these messages or even delete them. Users can easily consolidate all of their email accounts using this program and hence can manage their emails efficiently.


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