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Computers are not always desirable or feasible devices to play our media on. There always rises a time when there is a need of streaming the media files from a personal computer to a mobile device, or even to a TV. Plex Media Server specializes in the field of bring in the capabilities of streaming any media files to television or to a mobile device, depending upon convenience. The only prerequisite that every streaming device needs is the presence of the software installed on their OS.


One thing that Plex can easily do is make the existing data look beautiful than usual, giving it a pinch of liveliness. Plex acts like a faithful assistant, keep track of what’s new with the media playlist on the system. It keeps track of every movie and music be heard by the user and creates thumbnails accordingly. After there is an update for the records about the latest media, the user can further control what media is available to which people. Be it friends, family or office colleagues, media can be classified into different modules and be presented in a distinguished manner. Customizable playlists of different media can be formed and used anytime with a few clicks. Apart from movies and music, the Plex Media Server always gives user the power to upload photos anytime to any mobile device or a tablet by synchronizing it with Plex, with the help of Camera Upload. The best part about this compact, ultra-useful software its wide availability on almost every type of device. Being compatible with Windows, Mac and LINUX, it supports streaming the media to Android, iOS, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Even if there are multiple televisions in a house, Plex can be to the rescue to that too. Plex works perfectly fine with Google Chromecast, Google TV and PlayStation too.


Plex Media Server is a classic way of streaming media onto other devices without a glitch. Software like Universal Media Server too performs almost the same features, though it lags many. Multiple devices support is not provided in the Universal Media, so are the features like update of latest media coming into the system and presenting it to the connected device.


Plex Media Server serves as a trustworthy assistant to the people who require the aspects of seamless use of media in a day. Plex Media Server reduces ones effort to maintain a proper record of the media that is available and the media that is being used the most. It is the perfect solution to playing any type of media to any device wirelessly with 100% efficiency.


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