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Pixeur is yet another useful application in the genre of color identification and color theme applications. It is best suitable to all kind of web page and application developers. Pixeur is a free source application, compatible with all versions of Windows operating system. It works on the sole purpose of identifying different colors and provides you with color values.


Pixeur is a very small application for your computer. It works very fast at identifying different colors on websites, pages, documents, images and other files on your screen. It provides you with color values in the formats of RGB, HEX and long values. It keeps a track of the list of colors that you search for. This option makes it easier for you to go back to a specific color and choose it whenever you wish to. It also displays your colors on different palettes when you choose a couple of them, including a graphical user interface, easily suitable for computer users to work with.

However, it does not provide a help file, which makes it confusing to use in the beginning. The interface also includes an option to look into the saturation and brightness of the color. You get to easily target a color with the crosshair provided as part of the interface.


Pixeur is a very small yet useful application. There also exists other tools that work the same way and accomplish tasks as the Pixeur does. Such applications include Pixie, Instant EyeDropper, ColorCop and gColor2. Pixie includes a simple interface as compared to counterpart. Instant Eyedropper is a color pick tool that also includes magnifying and color editing options. ColorCop is a pioneer in this genre and supports multi-picking of colors while including magnifying options as a default.  ColorCop and Pixeur hold better range of options when compared to all other applications.


Pixeur occupies very less space on your disk drive (just 1.8 MB) and produces results very efficiently and quickly at the same time. It is recommended to use, mainly because of its simple interface and history options. Making your choice simpler to choose, Pixeur can be extensively used for color identification process.


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