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Network Administrators might know that the simplest way to check whether the network and its devices have been configured properly, or whether a website is functional is to conduct a ping test. Windows comes in with a pre-loaded ping test utility, however, in this day and age, the default ping test utility fails to grab a foothold with the users. Ping Tester is a ping test utility that adds a lot of functionalities to the default ping test and gives a more than viable alternative.


The Ping Tester, a Windows based application comes with a host of features. The application utilizes minimum computer resources so it can run on almost all computer systems and is compatible with any Windows system. Even though the interface of Ping Tester might seem similar to that of the default Windows ping utility, it’s a much more advanced version of the default one. It allows for the addition of more servers to a list, making them easier to ping on a daily basis. The Ping Tester also allows for the functionality of the software to be tested by pinging known servers like that of Google and Yahoo. A lot of options such as the test interval, time out period or the size of the buffer can be used to customize the results of the ping test. In the pre-installed ping utility on Windows, all of these settings have to be configured manually using command lines, however, Ping Tester being a visual test tool allows the user to modify these settings with simple mouse clicks. In addition to this, the Ping Tester can scan servers quickly and discover the hostname and MAC address. Another important functionality is the software’s ability to use the ‘tracert’ command to find the point at which a route is broken in case of an unresponsive server.

Apart from these GUI advantages over the default ping utility, the other advantages that the Ping Tester offers is the ability to automate the network testing process by scheduling the tests. It also offers the user the ability to store the test results in a .txt file or .csv/Excel file.

The DB version of the Ping Tester comes with an added option of being able to input each line of the ping test results to a database or use an existing DB (SQL server, Access, ODBC) to input the test results to a specific table and row.


Although a certain improvement over the default Ping Utility has been made, but that comparison does not set the bar too high. The ping tester has a user interface which assumes the user to be a network administrator and hence is not really what the average user is looking for, which reflects in its popularity ratings with the users, with similar applications being downloaded more often.


The Ping Tester comes with many features, especially the Pro and DB versions, and is a certain improvement over the default Ping utility, and provides a great alternative as it is very light and works across all Windows platforms, but it’s definitely not the best application available out there, with some applications being more user friendly while offering similar features.


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