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PilotEdit Lite is a fine tool that assists in doing tweaks with text files. It plays nice with various programming platforms like C, C++, CSS, Python, PHP, and many more.  The best part about the tool is that it doesn’t demand a hectic process like other contemporaries for installation. In addition, the tool involves a pretty smooth interface that is quite interactive as well.


  • Multitasking – Dealing with multiple files

You can deal with various files at a stretch through the tool. It can be experienced in various tabs and through a tree structure. Through the process you can have the destination and file name.

Another interesting spec called String Window, which is basically a zone that offers faster admission into the code sets. Hence, the user can save a good amount of their precious time regarding text editing.

  • Best for Developers 

This application does have the native examples those can be revamped with the use of latest strings. You can pick from the oddments of the code which has to be accustomed to be appropriate for the present icons, codes, almost any work the user may look for.

  • Mammoth Storage 

PilotEdit Lite provides native, pretty sleek FTP that can be taken into account for having the files from distant destinations. The information can be preserved for various uses to make the link available fresh from the interface.

It is one of the finest options to deal with the extra large files. Interesting fact about the tool is that the application can deal with more than 10 GB files. Apart from this, the FTP transfer works well with files above 4 GB. It is a great tool for comparison works, scrptings and other related actions.

  • Customized Display 

You can have the comparative analysis between two directories through the application. It helps in a great way when you look for particular data in working files. You can change the viewing pattern and go on with the editing as well.

  • Finest editing with native FTP client

This is pretty efficient for a particular group of users. A really nice spec set gets blended with the table those work well for efficient editing a great collection of text files. It can edit files adobe 400 GB in quick mode.


There are many similar options available in the market like Free Hex Editor, or you can take the case of Hxd. However, PilotEdit Lite is a much recommended stuff for its improved specs, customization and above all, the user-friendly nature.


PilotEdit Lite is one of the finest options available for editing works with the texts. It is a nice option for the developers as well. The application stays much ahead in comparison with the contemporaries with enhanced performance.


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