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Creating digital photo albums is a common task for people who like to click lots of photographs or videos and share them. However, manually creating slideshows means the complications of professional multimedia software. PicturesToExe Deluxe is an application, which aims at making the whole process a lot simpler for novice and professionals alike.


PicturesToExe Deluxe features a very traditional interface with toolbars and right panes containing various options to create slide shows. The bottom contains the timelines for timing the slideshow events and animations. Slideshows are created based on project approach with built-in templates. Any number of pictures can be added to the slide show with support for bulk addition from within a folder. There are more than 100 slide style presets present with the ability to create new styles as well. Similarly, there are a large set of transitions to choose from. Animation features include Key frame animations such as panning, zoom, rotate, 3D transformations, opacity controls, blur, unsharp mask, and color effects. Animations can be organized in form of hierarchy with child-parent relationships and relative motions. Masks can be applied to object hierarchies as well. Other decorations include image editing (cut/crop/enhance) and Text captions. Audio tracks can be embedded within the show with full customization based on animation timeline with envelope tool to control volume at each point in time and clips can be edited too i.e. cutting, merging, cross-fading, etc. The slide shows created can be exported in executable formats for PC or Mac or for DVD discs as well as screensavers for PC. Videos created can be FullHD with 60 fps playback and can be uploaded to YouTube as well. The executable icon can be modified as well along with custom watermarks and password protection along with limited time usage support. The executable produced has controls for playback, navigation, display change and other interactive buttons. It is available for all major versions of Windows and will even run on Windows 8.1.


Interactive slideshows are generally created by Flash by professionals, which supports scripting via Action Script making it much more versatile. Thus, Adobe Flash can be used to create custom User Interfaces and also publish to web. However, being a full-fledged animation tool, it is daunting to use and requires a steep learning curve. PicturesToExe Deluxe is relatively trivial with built-in templates and tools, which do the job for the user. Picasa is another tool, which provides support for custom slideshows but requires installation on host computers and cannot export to standalone executable.


PicturesToExe Deluxe is a very simple to use but rich tool to create custom slideshows and export them to executable for Windows or Mac or to DVD. Playback and security controls let viewers only view the content without the ability to tamper with it. The built-in set of transitions, animations and audio inclusion features is extensive, and will satisfy most needs.


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