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Most of us like to play with the photos by creating different collages and some people do that professionally. Picture Collage Maker helps you to create different types of collages, greeting cards, scrapbooks, extraordinary pictures for posters and calendars. This application can be used for both home and professional works.


Picture Collage Maker lets you create collages from the scratch and templates. This application comes preloaded with different templates which can be used for creating greeting cards and collages. You can select the orientation while creating the collages (either landscape or portrait). Also, creating items with the built-in templates saves you some time. There are about 10 types of templates such as calendars, collages, cosmic, CD/DVD disk covers, Frames, Greeting Cards, Layouts, Photo Books, Posters and Scrapbook templates, which contains 145 templates totally. In addition to this, you can also download templates from this application’s official website.

The application is simple to use with different windows. There is a text customization window, page window (which shows the number of pages with a thumbnail of each), tools window, and the tool preview window. The tools window contains 7 tools such as templates, backgrounds (the images inside this tool can be used as background for the templates), photos, masks, frames, clipart, and shapes are pretty handy. Selecting each tool will show the items in the tools preview window and each item can be used in your project by double clicking on it. There are many beautiful background images that can be used to make your cards and collages look awesome. Additionally, You can add the photos in the projects manually.

Different masks such as circles, rectangles, hearts, and stars can be used to give a different look to your image. There are also customizable cartoons and classic frames. Clipart such as umbrellas, stars, gift boxes, rainbows, and much more can also be used. The basically used shapes such as squares, rectangles, lines, cross signs, hexagons, and circles are also available in this application. The images and items have been added can be cropped, positioned at different places, rotated clockwise, and anti-clockwise. There are also options for bringing or sending any images and other items front and back. Drop shadows can also be added. By using the “grid collage wizard” the images can be arranged in a grid type collage. You just have to add the images into the wizard and provide the grid count in the X and Y axis and this application will automatically arrange your photos in the grid as specified. The space between the images and the margins can also be provided in the wizard. You can save your project in PWP format which is supported by Picture Collage Maker or you can save the project as an image in any one of the available formats such as JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, and TIF. These files can be directly shared with others via email using the application itself.


Some alternatives to Picture Collage Maker are Fotor Photo Collage, BeFunky Collage Maker and PicMonkey. However, these are web apps and they are not standalone applications. So the main disadvantage of these web apps is that they require an internet connection to run. Moreover, the images, templates, and other items take time to get uploaded. Picture Collage Maker has an intuitive and easy to use interface that can be easily figured out by users of low-level experience.


If you are a professional or just a home user who loves making collages, greeting cards and other creative items with your images, Picture Collage Maker can be your best time saver.


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