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Pictomio is an image management application which allows users to manage, view and organize their images. The software supports creation of thumbnails, film strips and Geo Tagging of images.


Pictomio is a user friendly and easy to use application for the purpose of management and organizing images. It has an interface which is easy to navigate and to use even for new users. The software uses explorer type layout which is simple to operate. There are different image view modes which are supported by the application. These are thumbnails, filmstrips, carrousel and single image modes. It has the option to display 3D accelerated photos and videos collection.

Pictomio has a Geo Tagging option which allows users to organize their images according to the geographical locations where they were taken. It supports Google Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth and the option between the two can be selected by the users. It automatically attaches geographical information to the images through data logger. It requires a free add-on pictoGEO which is compatible with any digital camera. The Geo Tagging information includes details pertaining to the latitude, longitude and altitude of the geographical location where a particular image was captured. The program generates 2D and 3D slideshows from the geographical information.

The program’s geo locator helps create 3D trip managers, waypoints, routes and has import wizard for GPS data. It helps manage the EXIF data of an image and can be directly connected to online applications such as Facebook, Picasa, ImageShack, Flickr and Photobucket. The current version of Pictomio is 1.2 build 35 and comes bundled with pictoGEO add on. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.


GeoSetter is an application similar to Pictomio which supports tagging and changing of geo and metadata of images. It incorporates the EXIF Tools from Phil Harvey for management of EXIF information of an image. It displays the existing geo information which is embedded on Google Maps.


Pictomio is a user friendly and highly useful application for effective management of pictures. It helps in easy organization of the images along with important information pertaining to the image files. The support for EXIF and index data makes it easy even for new users to understand the technical intricacies of the images and help users in organizing the relevant information. The geo tagging options help maintain the context of the images and create geographical information through the collection of data.


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