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PicShrink helps to reduce the size of your images as well as carry out additional photo editing effects like cropping, rotation, flipping, inserting text, background, etc. The software is of great use to multimedia professionals and digital artists who have to work with series of images simultaneously. The tool also has batch compression features enabling to compress batches or folders of images at the same time. Users can save their editing options as profiles and apply them directly to images without having to repeat the same editing process. PicShrink is a handy tool for those who have to shrink their images to be fit into e-mail applications, photo sharing websites, social networking websites, etc.


The highlight feature of PicShrink is that it enables users to reduce the file size of their images considerably. Further, it also provides options to convert an image from its input format to other image formats and install protection to prevent them from being copied or manipulated. In case the image has unnecessary disturbances spread in it background, it can be removed by the cropping the image to a small size. Image quality control option also enables to control the quality of the image by enhancing saturation, hue, contract and sharpness of the image of optimum levels.

Although PicShrink is light software it offers premium features like batch processing of images that makes it easy for users to resize their image folders with only few procedures. Borders can be incorporated into the images and made ready for poster printing or for wallpapers. All the while when the editing task is being carried out users can compare their raw input file and the final output and decide to keep or to discard the changes using the preview pane on the right. PicShrink is available in four main languages including English, Russian, German and Japanese.


PicShrink offers a simple way of resizing images either singly or in batches. When compared to similar image resizing software like Fast Images resizer and Able Photo Resizer, PicShrink has a simple interface that most windows users can easily get accustomed to. The compression very effective and does not result in blurring or distortion of the output file. The simultaneous viewing of the preview pane makes it easy for users to review the changes before executing them. Since the software is a freeware, it is tested and passed free of adware ad spyware it can be trusted for professional as well as amateur use. Undoubtedly, PicShrink is a perfect choice for resizing images that novice computer users can also get used to quickly.


PicShrink is an image resizer ready to use on the go. It is compatible with Windows OS Vista and later and offers some exciting features that are of great utility to users working on large batches of images. Apart from resizing it also offers options to convert a file from one format thus ensuring multi-platform usage of output files. The interface’s preview pane ensures that real time comparison can be made before finalizing the changes.


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