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Printing the digital images is now made easy with the software called Pics Print. This software is geared up with some intensive features and lets the user experiment with different types of edits in order to enhance and print out the digital images.


The software is keenly designed to add extra elements to the digital images and enhance it by using different editing techniques and provide quality print as well. It also helps the user to use functions such as crops, fit, rotate, flip and resize. One can also adjust and add borders and other effects too that is present in the tool.

With Pics Print, two main aspects are taken care of that is editing and printing of digital pictures or images. It can work for files based on formats such as PNG, JPG, BMP. With its layout which is explored based it makes it easy to locate images and import them for further processing. The tool also enables to print images for posters, greeting cards, thumbnail and contact sheets and album size prints as well.

The page options provide necessary configurations such as layout, header, footer and margins. With the help of the inbuilt editor tool, the user can even perform functions such as redo or undo or even disable tools. Further to this, the software helps the user to make the images interesting by adding captions and text to the pictures, change the layout of the images as well as the page orientation. There are different methods available to make these changes such as automatic, manual, thumbnail or defined. The user can even align various items and get a calendar inserted as well. Further to add that if there is anything to be configured in the UI, it can be done through the ‘options’ tab on the screen such as making changes in the layout screen, adjust measuring units, setting images on auto cropping, adding text and captions, creating holidays and events through the calendar, optimizing the default layout and many others.


TictacPhoto Editor and Shoebox are two photo editing applications apart from Pics Print. They serve the purpose of editing images in different aspects. However, Pics Print along with editing elements also provides printing images which the other two applications are restricted and it therefore has an edge because of this benefit.


Pics Print provides printing solution for the digital images. The software is not very complicated and is well defined even for a use by a non technical user. It consumes a moderate amount of energy from the available resources and seems to work fine and efficiently. The software is ideal for image editing and all aspects of digital image printing. It is more useful because of its user friendly interface.


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