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PHP, which is formerly known as Personal Home Page, is an open source code and has been developing since the year 1994. With time, the name- Personal Home Page was dropped and it turned to the PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is extremely speedy and lightweight, enabling rapid turnaround.


PHP is a type of server-side scripting language. It is open-source and is designed particularly for web development. The application is HTML-embedded, or in other words, PHP is able to create HTML and also to deliver data to the HTML rather than using any external file for processing of data. PHP combines itself across a lot of platforms, such as Windows, Linux as well as Unix, and its major function is to produce dynamic web pages. It is one of the popular user friendly programs and is also well known for its consistent speed, steadiness and better level of safety. Having been employed Java and also Perl, it is simple to learn by any person with a decent experience in one of these languages. As it is a server-side system, code is implemented as soon as an end-user visits the website. It eliminates the necessity of any extra browser plug-in. The code is deciphered with the help of a web server through the PHP Runtime module and the outcome is a dynamic webpage.

Accompanied by any database server, for example MySQL, it can create excellent effects in the maintenance of website. MySQL, is also an open-source app, and when it is merged with PHP, is able to make content, which can be operated across any of the platforms. Some of the models of websites, which are created with the help of PHP, are Google, Facebook, as well as Yahoo and many more. A great benefit that PHP presents is its community. As PHP is the open source structure, the PHP community is eager to share. If any particular script is being searched, there are chances that another individual may have generated something similar.


One of the alternatives of PHP is Python, which is widely used as a high-level programming language. Its design highlights code readability, while its syntax permits programmers to convey concepts in some lines of code. The language offers construction intended to allow clear programs on a small scale and also large scale. Perl is also a series of high-level, interpreted, programming languages.


PHP is an amazing scripting language, which has ease of use as well as stability. It is known as one of the challengers of Microsoft’s ASP, chiefly because it can create open-source content. If any dynamic content is needed to be created on the web page, then PHP is better. It is free, very simple to use and integrates well with several platforms and with a variety of software programs.


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