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PHP Studio, an IDE, is an absolute development solution for PHP based website applications. It is an advanced PHP editor consisting of numerous features that concentrate on the entire development process of editing, debugging and deploying of PHP applications for both novices and professionals alike.


The PHP Studio comes with a built-in HTTP server, which simply means that you do not need to have an external HTTP server to debug PHP scripts. Additionally, this feature enables developers to test their scripts without uploading them to a live server. This program consists of multiple language syntax highlighting like PHP, XML, JavaScript, YAML, Perl, Python, SQL, HTML, Java and CSS.

Another feature of the PHP Studio, is the integrated web browser, where you will be able to visualize the results of PHP scripts easily without exiting from the main application (requires MSIE 4.0 or higher). It also offers the code explorer, which will help users to locate class and the function definitions rapidly through PHP code.

PHP Studio also includes the server explorer panel, code snippets that help to access CSS and HTML tags, file explorer, backup and files Auto saving which will help you from losing your work, advanced text editing capabilities. It includes a built-in FTP client that will help you edit the files from remote servers. And that’s not all. The PHP Studio supports UTF8/UTF16, visual file comparison, integration with PHP documentation, automatic parentheses highlighting, bookmarks, column mode editing, auto-correction as in MSWord, and project management.


Notepad++ is an alternative to the PHPStudio, which supports 27 programming languages. Brace and indent guideline highlighting, regular expression search, are few characteristics of the Notepad++. Zend Studio, again, has a very powerful PHP and JavaScript debugging, team association and remote server tools, which makes it an absolute PHP IDE.

Another option, which can be considered, is the Aptana Studio that supports numerous languages. Also, it includes cloud hosting, FTP/SFTP support, inbuilt Web server, and AJAX server. However, it gets bit complicated, installing too many plug-ins. Geany is again, another IDE, which uses the GTK2 toolkit which means that you need only the GTK2 runtime libraries to run it. Every feature in this programme is good, only that it lacks the option to debug. The PHP Studio has been designed with an aim to simplify the process of PHP projects. The only element that makes it unique is its version compare window. This PHP software application is the perfect match for those who already have a very good grasp on the PHP scripting language.


The PHP Studio isn’t difficult to lay your hands on, as it lacks complicating features. It is the best tool for web developers, which will enable them to code faster and accurately with the help of its advanced features.


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