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Ever thought of just viewing your pictures in a slideshow manner? Windows’s dedicated picture viewer can represent this slideshow player but it’s too dull or too much clumsy. PhotoPlayer 6 just does what it’s supposed to do. It plays the pictures within a slideshow depending upon your command. PhotoPlayer 6 is cross-platform supported and it can view any image file as well.


The most amazing thing about PhotoPlayer 6 is its simplicity and feature-rich contents under a lightweight super software. You won’t receive any extra benefits but with this program, your slideshow experience will be a lot better.

  • Amazing Slideshows – Doesn’t matter which image files you’re putting onto its playlist, PhotoPlayer can represent those in a sequential slideshow manner. Also, you can automatically adjust the images to their perfect zooming size so that your pictures don’t look disoriented. Also, you can manage the speed of the slideshow so that you can view as you like. Putting the slideshow on faster mode will enable the users to enjoy movie-like slideshow on their PC. No matter what file you’re plugging in, PhotoPlayer 6 has got it covered it all.


  • Reading Books saved in Image Files – If you’ve scanned image files of your book, then you can put this software to use. Put the slideshow speed on slow mode and start reading the books right from those image files’ slideshow. Plus, you can zoom in or out just by moving the mouse wheel on exact location where you want it to zoom.


Actually, PhotoPlayer 6 is a rare kind of software of its own kind of features. There’re other softwares which can create and play slideshows, view innumerable image files and can organize your files in the shortest amount of time. But, this program has got only one job and it’s all about slideshow. Being lightweight, this program doesn’t require any other extra plugin or programs to run this software at full throttle. The zooming capability of this software can outrun many of its kind.

One of the most shocking things is that it doesn’t allow to export the slideshow in different video formats. It only allows playing the slideshow, not create them.


Considering the ease of use and high feature-endeavored contents of this program, PhotoPlayer 6 has got the potential to become one of the smoothest programs in terms of playing slideshows. This program carries the capability to provide its services for the biggest advantage of PC users and it’s all out representing slideshows with PhotoPlayer 6.


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