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Photomix is a utility tool to edit, arrange and to create beautiful photo collage of holidays, celebrations and many more. Photos are like reservoir of memories. Photomix offers a perfectly designed user interface so that any user can edit and arrange their favourite photos with ease. Exceptional range of editing options has made this software a popular one in its category. Besides the editing options, this application offers a wide range of templates and preset image effects to be used while making collages. The software also lets the user to save the image or the collage in different file formats and to share the image within social media sites.


PhotoMix is a handy tool, which is effective for creating photo collages. With this tool, user can arrange all available photos in a precise directory and will be able to edit those by adding clipart, background and borders, etc. One of the best things about Photomix is no matter how much experienced a user is, with the simplistic, intuitive and colourfully designed user interface, the tool is very much easy to use and it will make you an expert in a couple of clicks. There are various tutorials present within the software, which makes this tool more easy to use. The user interface is fresh with large, self-explanatory buttons, which leads the user directly to main functions. One just can drop a image file to get started with. This tool provides a lot of viewing options like zoom in and out, place the picture horizontally or vertically. The user can stretch the image to fit it to the page and also to flip or rotate the image. While making a collage with PhotoMix software, initially it provides many present templates to choose from. These templates are radical in terms of graphics quality and usually can hold 3-9 pictures.

This software also allows the user to put border on chosen picture. There is a list of border options with differential designs and the tool fits the chosen border perfectly on the picture. With this tool, it is also possible to add background theme or clipart to the picture within a collage. Once the collage is finished, the user can save the media in various widely used formats like PNG, JPEG, BMP, etc. and also can export with other files. Additionally, the application allows the user to share and print the creation instantly.


There are lot of other software present with the same function like Photomix and they are Picasa photo editor, Picture Collage Maker, Image Inc., Shape Collage, etc. Shape Collage is a wonderful software and probably most popular one in this category for its wide range of editing options and large library of preset templates.


If anyone is looking for a tool to create beautiful collage without investing much time and energy to find all the options, PhotoMix is then a must-have one. This software provides a decent range of editing options and is useful for both beginners and experts.


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