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Almost all iPhone users depend on iTunes for synchronizing their phone to the computer system. But user can overcome this situation with the help of an application. It is PhoneTrans, which synchronize user’s iPad, iPod and iPhone with their PC. This application is compatible with all Apple devices which makes all users comfortably connect with the computer system. With this application user can transfer all their stuff in mean time. PhoneTrans comes in an easy operating interface and user friendly GUI.


Transferring files like audio, videos, images and other stuff to the iPhone or iPod is a handy task and always offend user to take help from iTunes. This is a serious issue faced by all iPhone user and thus they always in need of an application which help them to make this process simple. One such application present is PhoneTrans. It makes synchronization of the computer system and the Apple device of the user which means it is mainly developed to facilitate file transferring between the iPhone, iPad, iPod devices and the computer. With all the media files this application also helps user in transferring application setup files, movies and many more which makes it a valuable application and one of the best alternative to the official iTunes. The reason behind this is many of the iPhone users feel it difficult and tricky to use iTunes for transferring files between the handheld device and the computer system. Also, the application supports all the operating systems of iOS device so that user can easily configure the application, doesn’t matter which OS they are using. Another best point to be known of this application is it is available free of cost that means users don’t need to pay for this exciting application. The user will find this application as the best alternative because of to the point functionality. PhoneTrans has a user friendly interface which helps novice users to adopt with the application comfortably. Also it is proved light weighted application which doesn’t use much of user’s system resources and don’t affect in operating other application as well.


Some of the alternatives present of PhoneTrans are Floola, iShuffle, AnyTrans and PodTrans. But the factor on which these applications are in least prioritized in comparison to PhoneTrans is its useful features. Some of them are easy file synchronization, supporting almost all iOS operating systems. Also it comfortably sends files with no bar of size which makes it helpful application for all users.


PhoneTrans enables user in synchronizing files to and from the iPhone and computer system. It comes in a user friendly interface with to the point operating mechanism. This helps all users to manage the application easily and comfortably. Along with this, PhoneTrans is a light weighted application that clearly indicates that user won’t find any disturbance due to this application on their computer system.


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