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PhoneClean is an efficient application that lets users delete unnecessary data from their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The program identifies and deletes unnecessary data from Apple devices and helps increase the security of handheld Apple instruments.


PhoneClean is a useful tool for deleting redundant and unnecessary data and files from Apple devices such as iPhones, iPad and iPod touch. With the large number of applications which are available, it is very easy to download several applications which are redundant and unnecessarily clutter the Apple devices. Similarly, a huge volume of data gets accumulated in the form of app cache files and temp files and hampers the performance of the device.

The application deletes such unwanted data and hence, there is no need to manually delete such temp and cache files. This helps reduce the time and efforts required to manage the data on Apple devices as well as help boost the performance of these devices. Users are needed to install the application on their computer and once it has been installed, they are required to connect their devices to the computer.

The application displays information about the device and specifies the details such as installed applications and available space. The information displayed by the application identifies the unnecessary data and help delete such data thereby enhancing the performance of the system. Users can choose to delete information such as Internet history, calling history, Safari cookies, application cache and email cache and other similar private content from their Apple devices. This increases the level of security of the device and optimises the performance.

PhoneClean incorporates more than 20 types of analysing methods and helps identify and delete over 30 variants of junk. It includes over 9 versatile tools for Apple devices which help improve the system performance. The program supports Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


CleanMyPhone is an application similar to PhoneClean. The application helps optimise the performance of iPhones, iPod touch and iPad by managing the used space of the device. This helps improve the performance of the device and increase the security level. The program enables users to configure, manage and organise applications on their Apple devices. Users can delete and export inessential files or applications from their devices using this application.


PhoneClean is a highly efficient and effective application for managing and boosting the performance of Apple devices. The program identifies non-essential files such as temp files, cache files and redundant application files and helps delete these files. This improves the performance of the device considerably and helps increase the security of the device. The program is simple to install and easy to use and effectively optimises the performance of the device.


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