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Disk Defragmenter in Windows always aim to enhance speed of access by reorganizing files saved on a disk to engage an adjacent storage locations. Defragmentation of a disk reduces head travel and consequently minimizes the time, taken to read and edit the files of the disk. Perfect Disk is one such defragmentation utility and has editions for most of the user categories.


Microsoft offers disk defragmenters to defragment files through online. Its defragmentation APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) permit defragmenting of files, which are open and presently being modified. To achieve safety, Perfect Disk applies defragmentation APIs of Microsoft. It ensures that the major system performance is regulated in a safe way. As one of the defragmenters, Perfect Disk has been verified thoroughly and it proved to be the highest standards for security and reliability. Nowadays since the large drives of huge terabytes are common to the home users, Perfect Disk is built with the aim of being able to defragment large sized drives rapidly and completely. It is able to defragment such drives almost three to four times faster than any other similar application.

Additionally, Perfect Disk version 12 can re-index and minimize the virtual machine drives in order that the Windows drive space is recovered and the virtual machines carry out the fastest way. Moreover, the user can find StealthPatrol tab, which provides the user flexibility to operate defragmentation process while Windows is not active or if the user specified apps are not working. This quality makes certain that when a particular application is working and defragmentation pass is going to begin or proceed, the users cannot lose the good performance for the app. Another important feature is the free space consolidation, which guarantees that new files can be created speedily. Also, it can help in the placement of the MFT files optimally.


Perfect Disk that has high disk management features can be compared to a number of similar other system like- Defragler (enable the user to quickly and easily defrag the files required without having to manage the entire drive), Auslogics Disks Defrag (intended for fast optimization of the modern hard disks), MyDefrag (a freeware which can handle floppies, memory sticks and some other disks to Windows) and UltraDefrag (powerful and speedy defragmentation system for Windows NT with three interfaces). Also, Smart Defrag is another alternative that supports the defragmentation of several volumes.


Perfect Disk is a perfect solution of defragmentation as well as optimization of the performances of PCs. It combines high speed defrag and optimization solution for PC and laptop performance. Perfect Disk Free Defrag combines speed, control, carefulness, automation, and user-friendliness to make the computers as fast as possible. It is also helpful for the Solid State Drives as it manages the SSDs in a distinct manner. The disk optimization can help the users to avoid long loading time while playing games or doing other things. This application can work on various Windows version like Windows XP, or 7 or 8 and so on.


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