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If an individual is searching for a client that can manage all the email requirements, Pegasus Mail application should be at the top of the download list. Pegasus Mail is the Internet’s long serving e-mail system for PC, and is a multilingual program.


The interface layout of Pegasus Mail is similar to that of any other email client, and it consists of 3 basic panes- the first one is intended for the mailbox directory tree, the next one enlists the subject lines of the mails, and the last one- preview pane shows the content of the chosen message. The toolbar of Pegasus Mail contains a few additional buttons than usual email clients that may lead to slight initial uncertainty for novice users. But, the help feature is comprehensive, so any type of user must be able to promptly solve any complexity. Pegasus Mail is full of mail merge as well as mail management traits that any user will instantly appreciate. When an e-mail account is set up, the app permits the user to view the contents of mailbox with the stated multi-pane interface, arranging the messages into various folders that one can also open in a new window.
One of the major advantages of the app is the sophisticated mail filtering abilities, allowing arranging the messages using various rules. Moreover, the program can consider the files that are classified as spam and then file similar unnecessary e-mails every time it is received.

Security is another area that Pegasus Mail emphasizes. It offers SSL support, and defends the user’s privacy with its own encryption tool and identifies risks that spread through e-mail.

The potent e-mail editor has spell checking tools and an integrated dictionary, whereas the message reader offers wrapping choices. The software permits the user to direct huge mailing databases via distribution lists and saves all the contact details with multiple address books.  Moreover, the program includes mail notifications options that allow reading and making mails even if not connected to Internet with the offline mode. Additionally, the program is also fit for functioning on local area networks.


An alternative of Pegasus Mail is Sylpheed that is an email client as well as news reader on the basis of GTK and GUI toolkit. This has full of characteristics intended to help the users get more from the messages and also helps to recover the speed. Another one is the Bat that protects the information with several encryption streams through the choices to encrypt the emails on the disk and also during communication via an SSL connection.


If one wants to have a feature-rich, but user-friendly e-mail client, then Pegasus Mail would perhaps be the perfect tool. It can give all of the essential tools for controlling several email identities on a single PC, without putting a pressure on the performance of the system.


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