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PE Explorer is a tool created for programmers and users of advanced calibre which helps to give a sneak peek inside a Windows executable PE file. It helps to give a clear view of the structure and all the resources present in the file of a particular path. One of its main functions is to track down any sort of problems, diagnose and troubleshoot in order to find an appropriate solution for the same.


PE Explorer has a well designed interface that allows you to have an in depth understanding of the various resources of the file. The interface is simple to use and is well organized which helps to display a description or summary of the included sources from the PE header information. It helps to simplify the identification process of various resources included in a file. The PE explorer also analyses and trouble-shoots any type of problems and provides solution for it. The interface provides accurate details regarding time stamp, images, contents, alignment of the section and conducts inspection.

With PE explorer one can perform functions such as tracking down various types of programs and understand how they work. Its core function is to disassemble and inspect of binary of unknown origin. Changing and customizing the GUI elements of all the windows based programs through the PE interface, making it easy to understand the functionality of each program. Also, it identifies verified publishers and authenticates executable files, and provides special and efficient support to the Delphi applications and also opens up compressed files such as Nspack-, Upack- and UPX- with minimum work around. The function syntax lookup tool provides information about the various parameters of the executable file.


There are a number of alternative applications available that work in comparison of PE Explorer. To name a few, HXD and Free resource extractor work on the similar lines. They provide functions such as inserting, extracting and editing file resource information. However, PE Explorer is considered the more reliable source and works with maximum functions when compared to other applications in the market.


In general the PE Explorer is regarded highly for its extensive use and is recommended software for all the developers who are looking into in depth analysis of the executable files. It has received acclaim for its constructive interface which is easy to use and provides to the point information of the different resources. Moreover, the software gives results in minimum time and gives accurate information. The summary provided helps to understand the working of the file or the system. All the information is available in on screen and other editing functions can be used on the spot.


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