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Having a right application which is used to convert PDF files easily and comfortably is advantageous. PDFMate PDF Converter Free is that useful application that helps user to convert PDF files in Text and several other formats like HTML, ePUB, JPG or SWF. This application comes in a handy user interface and provides several important features like PDF to text conversion, Batch conversion, merge file wizard and many more.


Conversion of PDF files is an important task for all users and a proper conversion of the document is the biggest help for the user. Nothing will be as useful as this if an application perform this conversion for the user. PDFMate PDF Converter Free is an application that helps user to convert PDF files in text and all other popular formats like ePUB, HTML and SWF. Also, with the help of this application user can covert PDF format files in images as JPG format is also supported by this application. User will interact with a fully loaded and graphical application on starting the application which asks user to select any file which is to be converted, select the specific file format in which the file is to be converted and just click on the Convert button. PDFMate PDF Converter Free has a fast processing operating mechanism that converts file within seconds, which is an added advantage of this application. Another important feature of this application is that it makes PDF conversion not only in various file formats but also in several sizes i.e. page sizes A3, A4 and A5.

Additionally, this application also provides customization wizard by which user can merge different PDF files into a same file. PDFMate PDF Converter Free also has the facility of encrypting files by which user can protect files with password protection for each and every operation performed on the file like copying and editing. The application comes in a user friendly interface and simple operating functions by which user can operate it with ease whether user is a beginner or professional. There are many methods in this application for converting the files like user can directly convert the file, secondly user can go for drag and drop conversion method or can add multiple files for conversion.


Some other applications providing same mechanism like PDFMate PDF Converter Free are Adobe Reader, Free PDF Converter and PDF to Word Converter. But this application has simple operating function, user friendly interface and various formats of conversion which make it a useful application. Some of the disadvantages of this application are confusing advance options and once file conversion started it cannot be stopped or paused.


PDFMate PDF Converter Free is a helpful application providing facility of PDF files conversion in text files in various formats like TXT, JPG, HTML and ePUB. Also the application does not hang or affect system performance. It also contain Help wizard for users which is a helpful features for beginners.


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