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Computer security is the most important subject which, when ignored, can cause huge damages to computers and network systems leading to increased costs of maintenance and loss of critical data. If your PC is secure, you will avoid cases such as data corruption, exposed sensitive information or loss of very important data due to virus infection. All you need is software to keep your PC safe from all threats. Pckeeper is the number one software you should trust for 100% safety of your computer. PCkeeper is a complete package with all essential tools designed to fix system errors, optimizing performance and generally keeping your computer safe.


PCkeeper has a superior interface whose functions are neatly organized in a side panel for easy access. With PCkeeper, you are able to scan and detect possible errors, security issues and junk files whereby you get a report of details regarding the discovered issues. It also has a standard Anti-theft feature which, after activating, you are able to locate your stolen computer and get a snapshot of the user when it logs on. Hiding important documents and recovering you accidentally deleted is also made easier by the PCkeeper software. Lastly, PCkeeper offers you a proper equipped computer maintenance and security solution. You are able to scan your drives and detect unnecessary files, locate folders, search and remove duplicates, and uninstall applications.


Despite the availability of much software for computer security, PCkeeper stands out as the most effective tool due to its unique features such as automatic security updates, drag and drop support, more visible tabs and Quarantine and Ignore list available on separate tools.


PCkeeper is the best software to boost your computer performance and high security level. You can easily download and install it online for better results.


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