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Today technology and networking have advanced to a point, where getting into a system remotely with some algorithm and tool is not a big deal anymore. Ethical hacking is a part of network training nowadays. Password Safe is an important software, which allows the user to create a safe and secure digital place for themselves. This software helps to create safe and encrypted user name or passwords, so that hackers would not be able to decrypt the computer’s security system, providing protection to your personal files. Giving a new password for every other gate increases the chance of forgetting the passwords. Password Safe allows the user to write down and store all the passwords within this software and to create a master password to access the vault of entire password list.


Password Safe is an open source database utility tool. With this software, the user can store all the little, complex combinations of passwords safely and moreover without forgetting the combination. The software needs itself a password, known as ‘Master password’ to open up. This ensures that without that master password nobody can access the list of stored log in details. The user interface of this software is very instructive, which helped this software to get a download number over four million. The icons in the toolbar, system tray and in the program interface is well placed and makes this software easy to access for beginners. This software allows the user to install it on a ‘portable mode’ where the software proves to be a useful one by being lightweight, without leaving much pressure on the system’s memory. The policy to create a strong password is very much customizable and well designed in this software. One of the striking features of this software is the added advantage of KeePass database import function.


There are a lot of software present in the market for this same purpose, but Password Safe proved to be a strong contender among all. Other software for creating and storing passwords include KeePass Password Safe, X-passowrd safe, Kaspersky Password manager, etc. Password Safe is a free open source software, where some other software of this category requires to shed some cash to use them. Comparing to other preferred software, Password Safe is light and also very instructive. The help files and in-app tutorials are present to guide the user when using for the first time.


Password Safe is a handy tool to store and access the passwords safely. The data encryption and portable mode installation is an important feature of this software. All the icons and functions really help to create a safe digital vault. With help from intuitive interface, even beginners can well access the software.


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